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Injunctions in Federal Health Care, Securities & Bank Mortgage Fraud Cases for Attorneys & Lawyers

The healthcare scams, bank/mortgage scams and securities scams professional ought to know 18 U.S.C. ยง 1345, a law which allows the federal government to submit a civil action to tell the commission or impending commission of a federal health care offense, bank-mortgage offense, securities offense, and other offenses under Title 18, Chapter 63. Otherwise called […]

Using Foreign Investors in U.S. Securities Offerings

A security offering restricted to California just (an “intrastate” offering) is governed by California law alone. (To certify as an intrastate offering, the offering needs to not just be restricted to California financiers; in addition, the company should be a California company, need to have its primary business in California and should have at least […]

Everything About Securities – Debt, Equity, and Derivative Contracts

Often it is challenging to know which part of the law uses to your case, specifically if you are handling exactly what an outsider might consider as a complex monetary conflict. If you hold North Carolina securities, where do you choose help? Feel confident, there are lawyers in business and monetary law who can recommend […]